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 KemoTV's Vortalicy Buildteam

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PostSubject: KemoTV's Vortalicy Buildteam   Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:51 am

Hey there everyone! My name is KemoTV better known as Kemo. I am an Owner and Head-Builder of thedescendednetwork. As you can see i am 'Head-Builder'. Currently we really need builders, so if you want to be in Vortalicy you have to answer the following questions in great detail and without lying.

Your name:
Experience being builder:
What theme are you good at (Medieval, Steampunk etc):
How long have you played on the server:
Why do you want to apply for builder:
How Many hours can you contribute per week:
Screenshots from 1 of your builds:
For how long are you willing to play on the server:
Say YES if you have answered all these questions without lying once:

When you are accepted, doesn't mean that you have got builder already. You'll get a theme you have to build. I pick the themes. Good luck and hopefully I see you soon in our Vortalicy Buildteam!

-KemoTV (Owner and Head-Builder

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KemoTV's Vortalicy Buildteam
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