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 Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]   Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:55 pm

IGN: Inflictive

Your Name: Sasuke Kimiko

Age: 16

Skype: live:gamer

How long have you played on this server?: I have started July 13, 2015. Around 3:51 PM.

What experience do you have of being a staff member?: I have several experiences of being staff I will give you a few examples of the servers I have been staff on, why they have been shutdown or if they are still running.

Cookie Craft : Started from rank Helper, and worked my way up the staff ranks until Co-Owner. Unfortunately, Server was shutdown due to : Lack of donations, and griefing.

Knight Craft : Mod/Youtube : Server did not stay up for long, recently the Owner contacted me. He said he will be reopening in the Summer. Shut Down due to : Lack of Players and horrible host.

OreCraftPvP : Adminstrator : Server is online, I was kicked from staff due to arguing with a Developer. Would not listen to my side of the story and I accepted to be kicked off. (Did all the wards for the prison, Sell signs, etc)

Snag Craft : Co-Owner, promoted yesterday to Owner. Built Spawn, set REGIONS , warps, etc. Members go online everyday. Upgrading to 10 gigs.

FairytailPvP/IronKitsMC : Both merged into 1 server. Absolutely no players come on, most likely to shut down.

I would enforce all the rules and guidelines provided. I will watch players swiftly but effectively. Making sure they do not break these rules. I can record hackers with dxtory, and post it on my channel : Inflictive PvP. I have several hacker reports on my channel. I will also use gyazo, a instant image sharing system to report spammers. Hackers will be banned immediately with the appropriate evidence given against them. Spammers will be given 2 warnings before they are muted for 10 minutes. I would also help players who are confused with plugins, I have studied and perfected many plugins including : Factions, World Edit, Core Protect , and more. If I do not know how to do a job. I try to research on the topic and resume later when I understand.

How long have you played minecraft? I have started my adventures on Minecraft on March 2012

Do you like the server?: It is fairly new, but I am sure as a team we can all work together and make this successful.

Do you have any feedback?: Well, right now we need to work on a better factions spawn. I recommend downloading a map, or just building a quick but eye pleasing spawn. Then work on a bigger one and release it later.

Time Zone: Eastern (U.S. and Canada)
How many hours you can play: 1- 6 hours.

Do you plan to take a break?: Sometimes, I take short breaks that take up to 1 day. It really depends what happens during my day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my application and I hope to hear from you soon.


- Inflictive

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PostSubject: Re: Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]   Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:41 pm

A very amazing application. I love the color scheme. I will first put you as a helper due to limited time on the server, but then i will promote you to Moderator in about 2 days or tommorow! Congratulations! You made it on the team!
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PostSubject: Re: Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]   Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:40 am

Oh sorry, you will be actually put to Moderator! Congrats!
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PostSubject: Re: Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]   

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Inflictive's Staff Application [ACCEPTED]
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